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The “Zollwirt” at Töll: a former customs station from Roman times.

The walls of the Hochhuberhof farmhouse in Parcines contain a Roman-era tombstone.

Partschins is known for its mineral waters: taste the pure, fresh “waters from the birch springs” at Bad Egart near Töll.

The Claudia Augusta milestone is the oldest Roman inscription in the Alpine region and is located at the Hanswirt Inn in Rabland. A reproduction of the stone can be seen at the entrance to this historic hotel.

At the feet of the Texel mountains

Hike along the base of the Nature Park of the Texel mountains with its unique wonders of nature. Round about Partschins there is a multitude of walking and hiking trails that invite you to enjoy undiluted nature. Huts on mountain pastures are waiting for you with tasty Brettlmarende (snack), Buschenschänke (a cross between a countryside pub and a cafe) will spoil you as you walk along the Waalwege (paths along water irrigation canals) with their home-made cakes. We also accompany guests on hikes.

The High Road of Merano

The High Road of Merano is a 90-kilometre route that wraps around the Texel Group and which can be walked in 3-6 days. Vast panoramic vistas of the thermal city and the surroundings of Merano open before your eyes along this famous hiking trail. The northern segment of this trail is quite difficult and is reserved for climbers in good physical form, while the southern trail is suitable for hikers with less expertise and training.

Theme trails

While walking above the village you will discover the remains of the hut of the Stuaner Geada, Teufelshände and the Hexenplatz. This legendary trail of Partschins invites you to discover a secret world of fantasy.

On an art-historical tour of Partschins you will see how much history this small village has written.

Typewriter Museum

The small village of Partchins was home to Peter Mitterhofer, inventor of the typewriter.

Today the square of the church, the heart of the village, hosts a museum which is unique of its kind in the world: the Typewriter Museum contains a noteworthy collection of exemplars and offers a detailed overview of the history and evolution of the typewriter spanning over a hundred years.

Our recommendation: The Peter Mitterhofer Cultural Trail, a beautifully designed circular hike, passing by 12 stations and 14 information boards.

Railroad Museum

The Eisenbahnwelt, a fascinating digital railroad model, represents a moving experience for both adults and children in the locality of Rablà. Of particular interest is the exquisite miniature landscape, created with painstaking attention to every last detail, which will transport visitors into a world of fantasy.

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

A walk through this botanic garden will surely cast a spell on you as well with its exquisite fragrances and the variety of its colourful plant life. The Water Lily Pond, the many water and terraced gardens, cacti and olive trees, plants from Japan and America, herbs, trees from all over the world. These gardens will captivate your heart!

Schloss (Castle) Tirol

Schloss Tirol sits enthroned high above the spa town of Meran. It is the dynastic castle of the counts of Tyrol. You can visit the South Tyrol museum for culture and regional history from mid-March to November and immerse yourself in the history of Tyrol.

Castles and residences

Our small village has several imposing ruins from long ago. Schloss Stachelburg, built 1,300 years ago. It is where Baron Sigmund von Kripp lives today as a wine-grower and cellar man. Spauregg residence, where you will see a 45 metre high giant redwood when walking past, and Gaudententurm residence, built about 1200.

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